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About AlteaPlus

The AlteaPlus programme has been designed to address clinical, legal, regulatory, governance and workforce risk factors. This covers the most common avoidable causes of complaints and claims against complementary and beauty therapists, allied health, and qualified health & care providers in the UK today.

Our team of legal, risk, governance and patient safety experts delivers exceptional support through a comprehensive array of risk management products and solutions. The programme is rigorously reviewed and updated to remain directly relevant and topical.

A tiered service

AlteaPlus encompasses three levels of risk management service: Essential, Enhanced and Elite. The packages are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients’ businesses and their customers.

Our packages

Essential package

All Altea customers receive the Essential Package free of charge. Benefits include:

  • 24/7 access to medico-legal advice.
  • A dedicated complaint response service.
  • A news feed covering the biggest stories in your sector as they happen
  • In-depth analysis and thought leadership of the latest key legal, regulatory and governance developments.
  • Access to AlteaTalks, our programme of podcasts in which we analyse the hot risk management topics of the day with a guest expert in the field.

Enhanced package

A tailored package of sector-specific services for the exclusive benefit of membership organisations, groups of specialist providers and Managing General Agents (MGAs). Benefits include access to:

  • Our sector-specific thoughtful “how to” guides.
  • Thought leadership and commentary on the hot topics and issues in your sector.
  • Podcasts, webinars and seminars with our expert clinical panel in your sector, and
  • A rolling programme of tailored medico-legal training.

Elite package

Our premium paid-for package includes an initial 1:1 review with our expert team within the first 6 weeks of policy inception to assess the guidance, coaching and support package that will be of the greatest benefit to your individual business, sector and clients, followed by delivery of a tailored programme of risk management services over the course of the policy period.  Our menu of available modules currently includes:

  • Our CQC safe and well-led service including governance and risk management training and reviews.
  • Our policy review service.
  • Effective complaints handling to support a learning culture.
  • Being open and complying with your duty of candour.
  • Helping your investigators deliver a gold standard incident investigation and prepare for PSIRF.
  • Managing sensitive personal data – safely navigating the minefield of patient confidentiality, access to health records and GDPR.
  • Our legal risk support programme covering your key medico-legal risks including effective record keeping, consent, witness statements and inquest support.

Discover effective risk management

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