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With over 30 years of frontline experience in healthcare insurance litigation, Will Marshall, Altea’s Head of Legal and Risk Management, leverages his extensive knowledge to engage in deep conversations with leading health and care professionals, regulators, and legal experts.

Join Will and guests as they get to the heart of the hottest topics affecting the UK's health and social care sectors today.

Latest Episode

In AlteaTalks' debut episode, Vicki Swanton, Head of Healthcare Global Risks at DWF, navigates the intricate landscape of obtaining informed consent, sheds light on challenges, and offers essential tips for practitioners.

Coming Soon...

Episode: Preserving Trust: the patient safety podcast

Guest: Caroline White, Executive Director of Healthcare at Candere Consulting

In this episode, Will is joined by Caroline White, Executive Director of Healthcare at Candere Consulting and a leading national expert in clinical governance and patient safety, to discuss how healthcare organisations can maximise learning opportunities from clinical incident investigations to achieve meaningful change to drive improvements in patient safety.

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